Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 16 Recap

Trent Leith / January 29, 2023
The Canucks made a few different statements this week. They made a commitment to some players and watched others slip away. They took steps to maintain players’ health, while at the same time showing up to play against some of the league’s worst teams. It was certainly an entertaining week to be a Vancouver Canucks fan, but in terms of the team’s overall direction, it’s hard to say if this...


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Kuzmenko Extends – What Does This Say About Vancouver’s Future

Brayden Fengler / January 26, 2023
There is widespread speculation that Canucks captain Bo Horvat is not a priority for Canucks management to re-sign. The team’s extension of Andrei Kuzmenko on Thursday only gives more legitimacy to those beliefs. Although Kuzmenko’s production and potential made him a high-value trade piece, it seems that the Canucks were able to work out a favourable bridge deal with their new Russian asset. Two Year Extension Kuzmenko has agreed to...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 15 Recap

Trent Leith / January 22, 2023
In a parallel universe, this week would’ve been a truly awesome one for the Canucks. The skate was finally freed, and by now they should be well on their way to cementing their place in the standings to lock in a playoff appearance on the other side of the All-Star Break. However, that universe is not the one this Canucks team exists in. Although the famous flying skate logo did...

Medically Speaking – What’s Going On With the Canucks?

Brayden Fengler / January 21, 2023
Recently it has seemed that it’s far from just the Canuck’s’ on-ice performance that has been deserving of some real scrutiny. Sparked by a Quinn Hughes comment to the media the effectiveness and ability of the Canucks’ medical staff and overall method of dealing with injured players has come into question. This article highlights some of the key quotes and opinions that have come out in the wake of Quinn...

Conspiracy: The Canucks will #FreeTheSkate This Week

Trent Leith / January 17, 2023
On October 29th I made a Twitter thread predicting the Canucks will use the Flying Skate jersey this year and also predicted how it would happen. I thought it would be best to gather all the evidence from my theory and combine it into one single article. The Theory My theory all started with the Canucks’ promo video at the beginning of the year. It was good fanfare, but I...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 14 Recap

Brayden Fengler / January 15, 2023
Well, the Canucks had a productive week. Productive if you are on team tank that is, and have money riding on this team finishing the season with the most goals against out of any team in the NHL. Vancouver had a full slate of games on the road during their schedule this week, and whether it was the travel, the way the sleeper, or something else, this team was off....

How Should Demko Return to the Lineup

Brayden Fengler / January 13, 2023
We’re well over a month since Thatcher Demko last tended the pipes for the Canucks, and it’s been frustrating to watch this Canucks team play without their starter since December 3rd. Although Bruce Boudreau would no doubt like to have his star goaltender back in action, the fact remains that Demko was not performing well for Vancouver during the first part of the season, prior to his injury. This begs...

Asking AI About The Canucks Future

Trent Leith / January 10, 2023
I want to mix things up. I recently found out about OpenAI’s language model called ChatGPT. This basic chat AI will answer questions and have an ongoing dialogue with you. So I wanted to ask it what it thinks the Canucks should do on three main issues: Here is what the robots think. I started with an easy question to get the puck rolling. Trent: Do you know about the...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 13 Recap

Trent Leith / January 8, 2023
It was an interesting week for the Canucks. They certainly made the most of this past week, treating fans to two very different games with two very different outcomes. If you missed either of the games this week or are just checking in to see if you missed any critical on or off-ice events from the Canucks, this is the place to be. Our Weekly Fares series will bring you...

There’s More Than Just Bedard the Canucks Could Fall For

Brayden Fengler / January 5, 2023
If it wasn’t already, Connor Bedard has made certain that his name will be known ahead of this year’s NHL entry draft. For years now, Bedard has been touted as the headlining star of the 2023 draft class, heralded as the next potential generational talent. This may very well be true; however, Bedard isn’t the only star of the 2023 class. Not by a long shot. Bedard surely silenced any...