The 2024-25 Canucks, a Disappointing End to a Remarkable Season

Brayden Fengler / May 22, 2024
There is no sugarcoating it, right now the Canucks are no longer playing for the Stanley Cup and it sucks for Canucks fans. In a few weeks, it might be some consolation to reflect on the excellent performances that came out of this Canucks season, but right now it just feels like failure. Good just isn’t good enough to get the prize that Canucks fans wanted so badly. Stats that...


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Canucks Weekly Fares: Trading Wins All Week

Trent Leith / May 20, 2024
Struggles In Game Four Game four for the Canucks was a struggle in Edmonton. Hot off of their 4-3 victory in their first game at Rogers Place, the Canucks failed to develop much offence for the bulk of the game. Vancouver was outshot 30 to 21 by the time everything was said and done, with perhaps the only silver lining being that Vancouver played a strong physical game having outmuscled...

What Should the Canucks Do When Demko is Healthy?

Trent Leith / May 14, 2024
Artūrs Šilovs has been phenomenal since he got the tap to take the starter’s net. Thatcher Demko injured his knee, the same knee he injured late in the regular season, and Casey DeSmith suffered a minor LBI, but once Šilovs took the net, he never looked back. Šilovs has been remarkably calm despite being thrown into the highest leverage moments since the Canucks made a run to the Stanley Cup...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Edmonton Series Underway and Abby Call-ups

Brayden Fengler / May 13, 2024
Another Sweet, Sweet Come Back On Wednesday the day finally came, game one of round two. After what felt like a decade of slinging mud at Oilers fans, fans on both sides actually had some hockey to watch. There was one major key that every talking head in Vancouver mentioned for the Canucks to have success. Don’t take penalties. The Oilers’ powerplay was 45% coming into the second round. As...

Comeback Canucks, How Vancouver’s Ability to Return From the Dead Makes Them Invincible

Brayden Fengler / May 10, 2024
Not once, but twice in these Stanley Cup playoffs have the Canucks been able to battle back from what looked to have been a game already etched in stone. Most recently in Wednesday night’s Game 1 match-up against the Edmonton Oilers, the Canucks did the impossible and crawled back from a 4-1 Oilers lead to win 5-4. This is the second time that this degree of magic has happened in...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Hardware SZN, A Series Win and an Arty Party

Trent Leith / May 6, 2024
Canucks Struggle To Climch in Five After Vancouver’s come-from-behind game four victory in Nashville, game five presented them with a chance to finish the series at home, and not step foot in Bridgestone Arena again until the 2024-25 season. This game, more than others in the series, saw a more respectable volume of shots from both teams make their way to the net, rather than getting blocked or missing. Nashville...

Canucks Best Predators in Six Games, Round 1 Series Recap

Brayden Fengler / May 3, 2024
Despite only allowing Nashville two wins, and at one point being up 3-1 over the Predators in the series it still never looked easy for the Canucks. Game one was decisive, game three was a narrow win and game four really should have gone Nashville’s way right up until the very end. Then of course game six was really anyone’s game until the dying minutes. However, the past is the...

Rest Vs. Rust – The Canucks Need to Wrap Up The Series In Game 6

Trent Leith / April 30, 2024
The Canucks looked to close out round one vs. the Nashville Predators tonight. Even though they didn’t end up pulling it off, it begs the question, how much of a benefit it is to end a series early? It has long been debated if rest is beneficial in the post season, or if it only serves to hinder a teams chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Does it benefit a...

Canucks Weekly Fares: Goalie Struggles and a 3-1 Stranglehold

Trent Leith / April 29, 2024
Following the team’s game one win over Nashville, Canucks fans received a rude awakening before game two when news broke that Thatcher Demko was not going to be suiting up for game two due to a knee injury sustained towards the end of game one....

How the Canucks Can Adjust Their Approach for Game 3

Trent Leith / April 26, 2024
Things started to look bleak for the Canucks Tuesday morning when news broke that Thatcher Demko was injured and would miss game two, if not the rest of round one as well. Following that, Tyler Myers was a late scratch for what we would find out later was a bad case of the flu. The Canucks went on to lose 4-1 against the predators with only 18 shots on net,...