Get to know is focused on providing interesting coverage, opinions, and analysis on developing stories surrounding your Vancouver Canucks.

In each article, we aim to present you with something unique. Whether that’s looking at evolving Canucks news from a different angle, or providing fresh takes on a situation yet to be discussed.

What we’re not going to do here, is write quick breaking news stories, with the same 300 words that you’ve already read somewhere else. What we want to do instead, is be the place you come next. A place where you can absorb thoughtful articles, with well-articulated opinions, that will hopefully add depth and provoke thought about the stories that matter most in Vancouver hockey.

If you’re a Canucks fan who follows the team closely, who often knows the meat to every story, but wants some extra spice, then is for you. The namesake of our site was chosen to highlight the fact that we’re writing for the Canucks fans in the know.

To those outside of the Metro Vancouver area, our name would likely seem to have little connections to the NHL club we’re covering. However, to the fans that flock to the arena on game days, from Vancouver to Richmond, North Van, or Coquitlam, you know that your destination for Canucks Hockey is Stadium-Chinatown. We hope to be that destination for your Canucks coverage beyond game days as well.

The writing team for consists of Brayden Fengler & Trent Leith. In the past, the two of us have co-hosted a podcast entitled “The Scratched Podcast” for over 75 episodes. During that time we had the pleasure of interviewing some hockey media members such as Ken Boehlke of SinBin.Vegas and Dom Luszczyszyn of The Athletic. We have also authored our own separate hockey blogs in the past, (Brayden) and (Trent).

Our previous projects have been focused on general hockey coverage. This is why we couldn’t be more excited to now combine our time and energy into covering the one team we follow most closely, the Vancouver Canucks.

Feedback is always welcome, in regards to our site layout, our writing, our fashion sense, whatever! Agree, disagree, hate tweets or retweets, however you choose to engage with us and our work, we’re happy to have you along for the ride. Welcome aboard, your next stop is *bing Bing BING*.

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