Listen Up: Active Canucks Podcasts for the 2023/24 Season

By: Brayden Fengler / October 21, 2023  

With the 2023-24 Canucks season now fully underway there is no better time to get into new Canucks podcasts and fully immerse yourself in the myriad of conversations surrounding this team.

This article features a comprehensive list of all the currently active Canucks podcasts. This is not a ranking article, so no one show is being held up against the qualities of another. The beautiful thing about the sheer amount of engaged voices in this community is that no matter your podcast preferences, short and to the point, rambling and witty, or purely analytical, there is something for you to enjoy in the Vancouver sports podcast landscape.

The podcasts featured in this article are listed in approximate order by the release date of their first episode. The end of the article also features a “notable mentions” section for shows that aren’t quite exclusively podcasts or aren’t exclusively Canucks podcasts but are tied to Vancouver in some way and can’t go without mentioning.

You will also find an “exclusive from the host(s)” section for a good number of podcasts listed in this article. These sections feature a more in-depth description of the podcasts, provided to by the hosts specifically for this article.

Canucks Podcasts for the 2023/24 Season:

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

@TheC4Podcast /

Podcast Description:

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast – hosted by Chris Golden and Anna Forsyth – provides commentary on the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL, and pretty much anything else the two want to talk about. There are awesome guests, a few not-so-much, music, and well… anything else they can find under the seats on the Canucks bandwagon.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

“So our tagline at C4 is that we are the longest-running podcast in town, and we are, it’s true. But C4 has gone through a lot of iterations, lots of different hosts, and lots of forgotten features. But what we are aiming for, especially in the show’s latest version with Chris and I (Anna) at the helm, is sharing some new ideas and perspectives on the game.

We love hockey, but let’s just say we have some suggestions. The Vancouver podcast landscape is a very crowded place and we are never going to be first in anything (news, analytics, expertise!). Chris and I have day jobs and interests outside hockey and Chris also has an actual family to look after.

What we hope to do is that by continuing to dissect and interrogate hockey culture, alongside complaining about Canucks salary cap problems and marveling over Petey’s dekes, we are adding something positive to the conversation. “

Pucks on Net

@Pucksonnetca /

Podcast Description:

A Vancouver hockey podcast live on tape. A conversational-based hockey podcast hosted by Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy, and Arash Memarzadeh featuring the occasional former NHL’er guest talking hockey and telling stories. Sound quality: 11/10

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

“Pucks On Net strives to be the second or third hockey podcast you listen to each week. And each week you watch or listen to us chat and joke about hockey without muttering to yourself how incorrect our stats or takes are.

We turn on the mics every Monday to be well-informed while also laughing and having as much fun as possible. Our goal is to continue having fun on the mic, entertain and engage with our listeners, and track down great guests.

Since the show began, we’ve had Ray Ferraro, Shawn Matthias, Kirk McLean, Kyle Wellwood, and a slew of others and we’re always trying to make that interview list even longer! We also hope to evolve with the way people consume media. Hour-long audio-only podcasts are great, but there are so many more ways to reach hockey fans in 2023 than there were when we started this podcast in 2013.”

This Week in Anguish

Podcast Description:

This Week in Anguish is the Canucks podcast that feels your pain out loud. A weekly conversation about the only thing that really matters with co-hosts Tristan and Ardella Thompson. New episodes are released weekly during the season and occasionally during the off-season.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

“There is a very strong chance that this podcast will not be your cup of tea. It is an eccentric labour of love composed of angsty ravings, half-baked notions, and hand-calculated statistics hosted by my Mom (a Canucks fan since day 1 in 1970) and me (a veritable Johnny-come-lately who doesn’t remember much before 1990).

We loathe every other team, we think the league, the world, (and the team itself sometimes) are out to get us, and we find each other very intelligent and amusing, largely because we hold 99% identical opinions.

Really, the podcast is just the result of adding microphones to the same kinds of “can you believe this?” conversations we’d been having in White Spot booths with the pages of the Province sports section spread out around us for as long as I can remember.

Up until December 2021, we were laser-focused on the Canucks and had no interest in fantasy, betting, other sports, etc. In the darkest waning days of the Benning era, we reached out for a hockey lifeline and found one in the form of the PHF’s Connecticut Whale (the lady Canucks, in our opinion).

I mean look at their logo for heaven’s sake! That’s the ‘stick-in-rink’ stick in that whale’s mouth!). If you found yourself nodding along when hearing Tony Gallagher, Tom Larscheid, and Don Taylor talk about this cursed team, then there’s a slight chance you might enjoy listening to us know-nothings as well.”

Locked On Canucks

@LockedOnCanucks /

Podcast Description:

Part-time Reporter Trevor Beggs & his pal Kyle Bhawan break down the ups, and downs of the hockey season with a daily podcast on the Vancouver Canucks. Recaps, previews, interviews, laughs, and plenty of thoughts and feelings on the topics that unite and divide Nucks Nation — you’ll find it all on the Locked On Canucks Podcast. Part of the Locked On Podcast Network. Your team. Every day.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

Podcasting and getting a chance to get paid to talk about the team I love is a dream come true. But, what really makes it special for me is that I get to do it with one of my best buds. That’s really the vibe that Kyle Bhawan and I are aiming for when we record Locked On Canucks.

We’re just two guys shooting the breeze, talking hockey. We want to create that atmosphere on the pod where it would be similar to overhearing two guys talk about the Canucks at a bar. Kyle and I have done our own podcasts independently through SB Nation, but the opportunity through Locked On brings a different challenge compared to the stuff we’ve done in the past.

The show is definitely more structured. We do three segments and two ad reads, and we try to fit it all in within 30 minutes. We cover a lot, but we try to do it in a way that’s succinct and entertaining. I bring a bit more of that nerdy guy vibe to the show (although I certainly won’t claim to be a know-it-all).

Kyle has more of that exacerbated fan vibe that I think most fans can relate to. My ego is inflated but I truly believe the sky is the limit for us. Our goal is to create the best Canucks podcast of all time (no offense to the other beauties in this article). But, at the end of the day, we’re just having fun, and we hope listeners feel that vibe when they tune in.

Canucks Speakeasy

@CanucksSpeak /

Podcast Description:

A Canucks podcast for the fans.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

“Welcome to the Canucks Speakeasy. We began discussing the idea for this podcast at least two years before we actually started creating it. Good thing we didn’t, as that would’ve been two more losing seasons for us to talk about.

But seriously, after us chattering over beers about the Canucks for the millionth time, one day we finally said ‘Let’s do this’, and bought some microphones, and here we are entering Season 5. We often call ourselves ‘Canucks fans with microphones’.

A part of that for is that we don’t consider ourselves media at all, and want to come across more as voices from die-hard fans. We make mistakes, we mispronounce names, we swear a little, and sometimes we talk too much about music.

But the whole concept of this pod is rooted in that: two guys having a reasonably intelligent conversation about their favourite sports team. Our direction and segments have changed over time as we try out and find out what works for us.

Originally we had many fans on the pod to talk Canucks, but lately have been steering more towards an in-house format and even bringing in a third co-host this season (welcome Brendan!). Regardless of how we format it, we want it to come across as if you are listening to a couple of buddies chatting.

We know we aren’t perfect, or always correct, but we are fine with that. When you’re out chatting with friends, this is how it is. And we embrace that. Our goal is to stay in the middle and not get pulled too far into either direction of the Canucks landscape.

We focus the most on looking at the team and situations objectively, we want to engage with all Canucks fans and hear all Canucks fan’s voices, as long as they are respectful. We’ve been able to meet many great people through this pod, and that has also been one of our goals, helping to create and foster a safe and open-minded Canucks space to converse.

So crack a cold one, switch on an episode, and Go Canucks Go!

PP1 Podcast

@thepp1podcast / Spotify

Podcast Description:

A Vancouver Canucks-based podcast about the heralded first power-play unit. Ryan Hank and Ted Wong run the show from Kelowna and keep you informed and entertained on a weekly basis. #THPN

Trust The Process

@TTPshowVAN / Apple Podcasts

Podcast Description:

Wyatt Arndt and J. Bowman have been talking Canucks since 2012. They used to run the hugely (kind of, just go with it) popular Legion of Blogcast, and after a brief (several years) hiatus, have returned to talk Canucks, sports, wrestling, Jurassic Park Trivia, and whatever else comes their way!

Roxy Fever

@roxyfever /

Podcast Description:

The Canucks’ biggest haters, but in a really obnoxious leftist way. Podcast hosted by @failsonmcdonald and @vyassaran. Give us a call: 778-819-1451

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

The show’s been around for a few years now and it’s evolved (or devolved) over time. It definitely started off as an irreverent take on hockey, based out of Vancouver/Victoria, that wasn’t afraid to kind of zoom out and talk about whatever was happening within a broader sociopolitical or cultural context.

It’s still kind of that, I guess, but the thing is that we’re also all pretty stupid. So it inevitably became an exercise in trying to make the dumbest and most esoteric analogies and comparisons possible in an attempt to explain the sport to people who are somehow even bigger idiots than we are.

Over time we’ve become less interested in analysis and prognostication and focused more on characters and stories that we find interesting, particularly for the patreon episodes. I’d sort of describe it as like Dorktown for the Canucks, but with almost no math and considerably less talent.

Hopefully, that makes some sort of sense. To be honest, we’re about 4 seasons in and I still barely know what the show is. But I guess that’s sort of appropriate when the team you cover is the Canucks.

Canucks Conversations

@CanucksConvos /

Podcast Description:

Vancouver Canucks hockey podcast by Chris Faber and David Quadrelli. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Broadscast

@BroadscastPod / Canva

Podcast Description:

Your local hockey girl gang are talking hockey and sports culture with a light-hearted, candid twist. Georgia, Mallory, Sam, and Vanessa are here to entertain and advocate for #WomenInSports. New episodes drop every Friday! Subscribe to our Patreon for bonus content: For inquiries:

Canucks Mafia

@CanucksMafia /

Podcast Description:

Mike Kermode and Darren Prasad talk everything Canucks and other news around the NHL on a weekly podcast. Proudly part of the Area 51 Sports Network.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

The year is 2006, when two worlds collided that would change the face of Vancouver media forever. Ok, that’s obviously a joke… But it’s when Mike and Darren met each other in University and bonded over their love for the Canucks.

16 years later, they finally decided to air their weekly hockey discussions to the world (or more like a couple hundred Canucks fans). Canucks Mafia was born in April 2022, amid some of the darkest times in franchise history.

Both gentlemen would love to be able to broadcast episodes with more positivity, hope, and excitement; unfortunately, the constant losing, off-ice distractions, and drama/general incompetency of ownership and management have led us to where we are now.

Over the last 16 months, Canucks Mafia has been proud to host some amazing guests. Former Canuck Aaron Volpatti, former sleep therapist Pat Byrne and former scout Jonathan Bates remain the highlights and are some of our favourite episodes.

Additionally, multiple Canucks media members have joined the show and provided wonderful insight, including Matt Sekeres, Jeff Patterson, Rick Dhaliwal and Patrick Johnson. As well as looking forward to (hopefully) some brighter times ahead, Canucks Mafia is dedicated to seeking out more great guests and providing generally accurate insight, predictions, and analysis of the team we still love.

Find us on your favourite Podcast platform as well as on Twitter/X @MikeK_mode and at @dp85soon!

Canucks After Dark


Podcast Description:

ParkersPucks and Canuck Clay host “Canucks After Dark”, a weekly Canucks-focused live show with viewer interaction and the latest around the Vancouver hockey team.

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

Canucks After Dark started as a collaboration opportunity between Canuck Clay and myself (Parker), but in my opinion has grown into its own community.

Both of us have been focused on video as a primary means of getting our voices out there in a sea of audio-focused content. Taking the next step to do the show live has added a level of participation from our viewers/listeners that typical recorded content just can’t match.

People can tune in every Monday night and just listen to us talk for an hour, whether it’s about the week’s games and the roster moves we wish the team would make, or they can be active in the chat, telling us their thoughts on the same topics, and at times challenging us on our opinions.

It takes it from just two guys doing a podcast to a conversation that the people can be involved in and have their voices heard. That’s the vibe we are going for. Our goal for the show is to keep doing it for as long as possible.

Clay and I have a blast meeting up every week to talk about this (sometimes not very fun) team, especially since it gives people something to look forward to every Monday night.

The Vancouver Boys Podcast

@vancouverboyspodcast /

Podcast Description:

Striving to be the most entertaining sportscast in British Columbia. A hockey podcast with special emphasis on the Vancouver Canucks; The Vancouver Boys are based out of the Lower Mainland and bring you breaking news, opinions, and rumours from a fan’s perspective. Their mission: to bring Vancouver sports fans the coverage and entertainment they’ve been missing. Buckle in, because this show is almost as ludicrous as the Canucks themselves! Become a Paid Subscriber:

A little more, exclusive from the hosts:

Jake Jude, Marcus Keller (better known as @canucksvideos from TikTok), and Alex Smith host this weekly episode podcast and their dynamic is exactly what it sounds like; three friends who like to talk, debate, and crack jokes about the Canucks, the NHL and pretty much any player, team, coach, organization whatever, what-have-you. 

Episodes air regularly every Friday and consist of roughly 45min of Canucks news, updates rumours and takes all relayed through the lens of true Vancouver hockey fans. This is followed by another roughly 45min half of the show that focuses more on the rest of the NHL and how it relates back to Vancouver, plus some top headlines from across the world of sports.

Hockey Talk on the Rocks


Podcast Description:

Two hockey fans chat about all things hockey. With a special focus on the hometown Vancouver Canucks. Coming to you live from Saltspring Island B.C.

Clays Canucks Commentary

@CanuckClay / YouTube

Podcast Description:

This is the audio version of my popular YouTube livestream, recorded every night from Sunday to Thursday. Subscribe for daily Canucks news and analysis that’s positive, timely, and trustworthy. It’s my Canucks take all in one take.

A little more, exclusive from the host:

Clay’s Canucks Commentary is actually a YouTube livestream that I convert into a podcast. That’s what makes it so unique and what sets it apart from other shows: it’s completely live and unscripted. And I answer people’s questions and react to their comments in real-time.

During the season I do the show 5 times a week: Sundays at 10:30pm and Monday through Thursday at 11pm. The Sunday one starts earlier because I tack on some fun online games at the end of the show. Typically, after my intro, I will talk about the Canucks for 15-20 minutes (post game analysis, game preview, reacting to news, etc).

Then, I turn it over to the viewers and I answer their questions for another 15-20 minutes. So the show is about 40-45 minutes in total (the Sunday one is 60 minutes). I’ll occasionally bring in a guest to interview, I’ll run ticket giveaways, and I’ve even called subscribers and brought them onto the show!

I started doing postgame livestreams in 2018 and I’ve increased the frequency of the shows every season. I moved to the nightly format at the start of the 2022-23 season and my shows will usually average between 100-150 viewers during the season.

I’ve done a good job of building a fun and safe community on my shows with the help of moderators. The vibe of my show is the same as my personality: positive, hopeful, and genuine. I truly believe that my show appeals to new fans, diehard fans, and everyone in between.

I have around three dozen “regulars” who are there every single night! I’m very proud of the CCC crew!

Rink Wide

@RinkWideVan /

Podcast Description:

Rink Wide: Vancouver features the most comprehensive coverage of the Vancouver Canucks. Game re-caps, previews, post-game and special guests beginning at the start of the preseason and running throughout the entire NHL season including the Stanley Cup playoffs and the opening of free agency. Join host Andrew Wadden and veteran Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson for the best hockey podcast in Vancouver.

Notable Mentions

As mentioned up top, this section is intended to list Vancouver-based sports shows that either aren’t exclusively podcasts or aren’t exclusively Canucks podcasts. However, all of these shows cover the Canucks in some way or another and simply can’t go without mentioning.

Vancouver Sports Podcasts/ Shows

The Hockey PDOCast

Shows Mon-Fri 2pm PT SN Radio

“A hockey podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic that has been regressing to the mean since 2015.”

Sekeres & Price

New episodes every weekday

“Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, two of the most popular voices of Vancouver hockey, formerly on TSN 1040, are back in the digital space. A daily podcast featuring long time Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson and top insiders delivering the latest breaking news, insight, analysis and opinions on the Vancouver Canucks, NHL, PGA, CFL and breaking down the biggest news from the world of sports.”

Donnie and Dhali

Shows Mon-Fri 10am PT on Chek & Podcast afterword’s

“Catch two of British Columbia’s most admired and respected sports journalists Monday to Friday on CHEK. Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal host Donnie and Dhali – The Team. Follow along with Donnie and Dhali as they interview guests, and have fun discussing the latest in local sports news. Tune in live from 10am to 12pm on CHEK, the CEHK+ app or download the Podcast to listen whenever!”

Chel Stars

New episodes weekly

“*NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK* Just a bunch of buddies dishing out hot takes and talking like they know a thing or two about the NHL Become a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.”

Off the Rush

New episodes weekly

“A hockey podcast for beer leaguers by beer leaguers. Every week Dave, Ken, Allan and Hoskin take you through the current events of the hockey world along with what beverages you should be drinking while watching games each week. If you like hockey, beer, and shows that don’t take themselves too seriously this is for you!”

Vancouver Sports Radio

Halford and Brough In The Morning

Mon-Fri 6-9am PT SN Radio

“Boasting in-depth sports knowledge, entertaining on-air chemistry and a rolodex of sports’ biggest names, Halford & Brough in the Morning is ready to jumpstart the morning drive across Vancouver. Mike Halford & Jason Brough @MikeHalford604 @SadClubCommish

Canucks Talk

Mon-Fri 12-2pm PT SN Radio

“Jamie Dodd and Canucks Reporter Thomas Drance combine to bring you the most in-depth Canucks coverage in Vancouver. They dive into all the issues that matter for any Canucks fan. Plus, hear exclusive interviews from the players and the team to stay up to date all season long. Jamie Dodd & Thomas Drance @JamieDodd @ThomasDrance

The People’s Show

Mon-Fri 3-4pm PT SN Radio

“Evolving beyond your regular afternoon drive show, The People’s Show will touch on the topics that live at the crossroads of sports and culture. Anchored by Bik Nizzar, The People’s Show will tackle the headlines that impact the diverse communities across Vancouver. Bik Nizzar @BikNizzar

Canucks Central

Mon-Fri 4-6pm Pt SN Radio, after every Canucks game

“Dan Riccio and Sat Shah have you covered with the most comprehensive Canucks show on the air. The only real choice for the die-hard Canucks fan and the home for Post Game reaction and analysis after every Canucks game. Dan Riccio & Sat Shah @danriccio @SatiarShah

OT With Lina and Lindsey

Mondays 6-7pm PT SN Radio

“Issues, information and yeah — at times — a little attitude. The most exciting time in sports is OT and Lina and Lindsey will bring their A-game during crunch time. The week’s biggest stories from a unique perspective. Conversations that make you think, reflect and react. Lina Setaghian and Lindsey Horsting @LinaSet @lindseyhorsting

This article will be updated yearly or as needed. If you are a host of a Canucks podcast or an avid listener please reach out @braydenfengler on Twitter/X. Let me know if there are any prominent Canucks podcasts that I have overlooked, or if you think there is something stated in the article that could use a correction.