The Pettersson Extention, How the Canucks Got Here and Where They Go

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Christmas came early for Canucks fans… very early. Just as recently as last month, it looked like star forward Elias Pettersson’s next contract would not be resolved until the off-season. Whether that contract would or would not be with the Canucks seemed to be up in the air as well. However, all of that anticipated anxiety was wiped off of Canucks’ fans calendars last week. On March 2nd, Pettersson and … Read More

Kuzmenko Extends – What Does This Say About Vancouver’s Future

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There is widespread speculation that Canucks captain Bo Horvat is not a priority for Canucks management to re-sign. The team’s extension of Andrei Kuzmenko on Thursday only gives more legitimacy to those beliefs. Although Kuzmenko’s production and potential made him a high-value trade piece, it seems that the Canucks were able to work out a favourable bridge deal with their new Russian asset. Two Year Extension Kuzmenko has agreed to … Read More

What If Bo Horvat Wins the Rocket Richard?

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It is no secret Bo Horvat can score goals, arguably better than anyone in the league right now. What happens if this trend keeps up and Bo Horvat wins the Rocket Richard at the end of the year?  I know, there is a lot of season left for Bo to keep up this scoring pace. But Bo has been scoring at this pace since last season. Since March 15th, 2022, … Read More

Martin’s Future As The Canucks’ Backup

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The Canucks have struggled in the last couple of years to find a goaltending tandem that they could trust, and that didn’t have future implications on the cap. Now though, the Caunucks seem to have put themselves in a position where that may no longer be a problem. On April 8th, 2022 the Canucks signed Spencer Martin to a two-year, one-way deal, that puts Martin in the position to be … Read More

Canucks Preseason After Two Games, and Two Big Contracts

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Up until yesterday, the feeling around the Canucks was a bit like the feeling around a toxic relationship. All parties involved were just staying course, taking it day by day and pretending like things are fine. When in reality, difficult decisions were right around the corner, and troubling situations needed to be addressed before things really exploded. The story dominating the airwaves recently hasn’t even been in regards to the … Read More

Gauging Canucks Fan’s Reactions to the Unsigned RFAs

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We have spent all summer avoiding this subject in any major way at, but the time has come, we can no longer hide. Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes are still not signed with just over two weeks remaining until the Canucks training camp starts. While this isn’t exactly uncommon to see star RFAs using their only real leverage to get everything they can out of their second contracts, it … Read More

Canucks Expo-sition: A Densely Packed, “Aggressive” Week for Vancouver

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The offseason for the Vancouver Canucks in the year 2021 has certainly been unprecedented. Much of where the team is today can be traced back to the unprecedented 2019-20 shortened season as well. Including their unexpected playoff run, and of course last year’s tumultuous off-season that resulted in many key players leaving. The chaos and confusion have carried on right to this day in many ways, with the Seattle Expansion … Read More

Sedins’ Presence Will Help Shape Canucks Youth

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The worst kept secret in recent weeks has finally been brought out into the open. Henrik and Daniel Sedin are officially back working under the roof of Rogers Arena, as special advisors to the general manager. While GM Jim Benning is still the man in charge, Henrik and Daniel will have a role to play in advising Jim around hockey operation decisions, as well as learning the managerial ropes themselves. … Read More

What Ian Clark Means to Vancouver’s Goaltenders

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Okay, Vancouver you can stop pinching yourself this isn’t a dream. After walking both their head coach and goalie coach right to the end of their contracts, the Canucks have done the unthinkable and managed to sign both. The Canucks re-signed Travis Green back on May 21st, but now Ian Clark, the much-praised goalie coach has finally signed on the dotted lines with the team. There was a real fear … Read More

Where Are the Canucks With Travis Green’s Contract

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Eight games, a single-digit amount, that’s how many games Travis Green has left behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. Unless of course, the Canucks and Green agree to a new contract before his current one expires on July 1st. At the moment though, whether or not this will happen is up for heated speculation. If the Canucks don’t strike a deal with Green before the team plays their final game this … Read More