The Best Around, a Freeze Frame on the Canucks’ Dominant Status in the NHL

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It’s hard to believe where this Canucks team has found themselves so far this season, even despite their weaker performance against Calgary on Thursday night. However, after the team’s overtime win against their former captain on Wednesday night, the Canucks, who were already near the top of the league in a number of categories, reached even further heights. The Canucks Near the Top the League Currently, the Vancouver Canucks sit … Read More

Road Trip Wrap-Up: Making the Best of an Eastern Swing

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The Canucks wrapped up a three-game road trip through Eastern Canada on Sunday night in a 5-2 game against the Montreal Canadiens after playing the Ottawa Senators on Thursday and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday. An Eastern road trip usually poses a challenge for the Canucks simply due to travel, but the Canucks took a total of four points from a possible six. Interestingly enough, all three games ended … Read More

Canucks Community and Engagement Schedule

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The Canucks have announced their community celebration and fan engagement nights for the first half of the 2023-24 season. While the Canucks can no longer wear their fantastic jerseys for warm-ups, they are still designing, making, and auctioning special jerseys for marginalized communities and social initiatives. The Canucks will also be allowed to wear special tape on their stick should they choose to, thanks in large part to the actions … Read More

The Canucks Are Good, and You Should Feel Good About It

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The Vancouver Canucks have crossed into double digits in terms of games played, with their tenth game and seventh win of the season coming Thursday night against a last-place San Jose Sharks team. With that win the Canucks are now sitting 5th in the entire NHL, and 2nd in the Pacific Division, only behind the league-leading Vegas Golden Knights who have played one more game. The Canucks haven’t been in … Read More

Here Is When The Canucks Will Wear The Flying Skate in 2023-24

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The Canucks have announced what nights they will be wearing their fan-favourite “Flying-Skate” jerseys this year. In a season where we won’t get the chance to see the Canucks wear any of the special warmup jerseys they have always excelled at, at least we have the ol’ Flying Skate to look forward to. We will see the Canucks in the objectively best jersey they have to offer (I won’t hear … Read More

Listen Up: Active Canucks Podcasts for the 2023/24 Season

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With the 2023-24 Canucks season now fully underway there is no better time to get into new Canucks podcasts and fully immerse yourself in the myriad of conversations surrounding this team. This article features a comprehensive list of all the currently active Canucks podcasts. This is not a ranking article, so no one show is being held up against the qualities of another. The beautiful thing about the sheer amount … Read More

The Canucks Top 10 Warmup Jerseys

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Is anyone interested in some prime off-season hockey conversation? No? Too bad, it’s almost August and even Dhaliwal is tweeting golf photos. We’re in the middle of the off-season and although some of us may have moved on, others (like myself) are still reeling from the news that broke last month regarding the NHL ban on special event warmup jerseys across the league. When I heard the news, it brought … Read More

A Queer Eye on Pride Night

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On Friday, March 31st, the Canucks hosted their annual pride night. As per usual, the Canucks pulled out all the stops by hosting a drag show, wearing a locally designed Pride warmup jersey, and making a $20,000 donation to QMUNITY – a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that supports and assists 2SLGBTQIA+ people and their allies. They couldn’t completely stay away from the bad press when Tocchet shared with the media that … Read More

The Canucks Worst Enemy Is Their Easy Home Stretch Schedule

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The Vancouver Canucks have eight teams left to face and eleven games to play before they wrap up their 2022-23 NHL season (excluding their unrealistic yet still mathematically possible shot at the playoffs). Vancouver currently sits 25th in the league. It’s bad news for those that want the Canucks to have a shot at quality draft picks – or one specific high-quality draft pick – as the team has recently … Read More