Canucks Extend GM Patrik Allvin, and He Get’s Right to Work

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The Canucks have extended GM Patrik Allvin, just over a week after they extended President of Hockey Operations Jim Rutherford. Rutherford and Allvin were both brought into the organization back in December of 2021. Reading this hiring date out loud, it sounds and feels like a lifetime ago, especially when considering where the Canucks were then, and where Jim and Patrik have led them to now in terms of on-ice … Read More

Quinn Hughes Is Not Your Father’s Captain and That’s Okay

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September rolls around and just like that, we have something to talk about. It’s been the off-season for the entire NHL, so news and developments around the league have been slow going, and Vancouver has been no exception. With just under a month left to go before the puck drops on the regular season, the Canucks upper brass decided that they couldn’t wait to get people talking. In a monumental … Read More

Medically Speaking – What’s Going On With the Canucks?

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Recently it has seemed that it’s far from just the Canuck’s’ on-ice performance that has been deserving of some real scrutiny. Sparked by a Quinn Hughes comment to the media the effectiveness and ability of the Canucks’ medical staff and overall method of dealing with injured players has come into question. This article highlights some of the key quotes and opinions that have come out in the wake of Quinn … Read More

The Canucks in October, Why This Time of Year Feels Scarier Than Last Season

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It’s only five games into this 82 game season and if games were years and the Canucks were a person, they would barely be old enough to form memories yet. This lens makes it seem irrational to worry and crazy to panic, so can someone please explain why that still feels like the logical emotion to have, even this early in the 2022-23 campaign? It’s hard to believe that considering … Read More

A Timeline of Canucks Hirings and Firings Since December

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And there we have it folks, with the signing of Patrik Allvin as the new GM of the Vancouver Canucks the search for the last remaining stone on the front office infinity gauntlet has been completed (for now maybe…). We have come full circle since the front-office shakeup that began on December 5th, with the firing of most notably then Canucks Head Coach Travis Green and General Manager Jim Benning. … Read More

Jim Rutherford to Be President and Interim GM of Canucks

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Ruth there it is!… yeah, doesn’t have the same ring. The long and exhaustive search for a new Canucks General Manager and President is over, for now. Stan Smyl’s interim role as Canucks GM looks to be shorter than expected as ownership has a deal to hire Jim Rutherford in a new Interim role. Things seemed to come together quickly this morning on this deal, and even as the Canucks … Read More

The Sedins Can Now Play a Larger Role in Canucks Leadership

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So just in case you weren’t aware, there were one or two rather small changes made within the Canucks organization over this past weekend. Nothing too crazy, just a super casual complete regime change, with both General Manager Jim Benning and Head Coach Travis Green being kicked to the curb. No biggy, this kind of thing happens all the time, or once every 8 years I guess. These terminations come … Read More