Six Takeaways From Canucks Preseason

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On Wednesday, October 4th, the Canucks wrapped up their six-game preseason schedule. The Canucks ultimately won only two of their six contests and were outscored by 20-11, largely due to the 10-0 loss to kick off the preseason against the Calgary Flames on Sept. 24th. However, the final scores are not the whole story. Wins and losses aren’t what preseason hockey is about. Preseason is about evaluations, tryouts, and experimentation … Read More

How are we feeling about the Vancouver Canucks?

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Over two weeks ago, before Young Stars, before Training Camp, before the horrific ten-nothing loss to the Calgary Flames during the Canuck’s first exhibition game, we put out a poll on our Twitter X account. Now, we’re not operating under any delusion that this poll has the sample size to make it significant, and overlly meaningful. Nevertheless, it serves as an interesting snippet from one moment in time regarding a … Read More

Hopes and Dreams for the Start of the Canucks 2022-23 Season

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The Canucks begin their 2022-23 campaign tonight against the Edmonton Oilers, one of the only two teams kind enough to allow the Canucks to walk away with a victory in the pre-season. If Vancouver’s pre-season record of 2-6 is any indication of how the Canucks will perform in their first run of regular season games, then the bar hasn’t been set too high for the team. However, the pre-season is … Read More

Will Höglander Get a Spot on the Opening Night Lineup?

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Two years ago, Nils Höglander was looked at as one of the budding stars for the Canucks moving forward. Fast forward to this year’s training camp and he’s starting on an AHL line. He found himself on the outside looking in, leaving both fans and media to discuss whether he could crack the Canucks opening night lineup. Höglander had a strong rookie year, putting up 27 points in a Covid-shortened … Read More

What We’ve Learned From the Canucks Pre-season So Far

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We’re nearly halfway through the Canucks’ pre-season, and the regular season is now just around the corner. Still, the Canucks have four pre-season games left to play, and their initial outings haven’t exactly been great. This is when it’s important to remember that pre-season is a learning experience for the whole organization. Not all the heavy hitters are in place or playing on their battle-tested lines. So of course results … Read More

Gadjovich Was Claimed, But Does it Matter?

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Well, we’re back to normal folks. There was a brief moment where almost all of the Canucks fandom had come together and rejoiced at the new signings of superstars Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson. But that was quickly brushed aside and the market was quickly divided once again. The catalyst? Jonah Gadjovich.  On Wednesday the Canucks placed Gadjovich on waivers in hopes to slip him down to the AHL, but … Read More

Canucks Preseason After Two Games, and Two Big Contracts

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Up until yesterday, the feeling around the Canucks was a bit like the feeling around a toxic relationship. All parties involved were just staying course, taking it day by day and pretending like things are fine. When in reality, difficult decisions were right around the corner, and troubling situations needed to be addressed before things really exploded. The story dominating the airwaves recently hasn’t even been in regards to the … Read More