The Vancouver Canucks Trade Deadline Primer

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The Canucks are certainly buyers this year and as we approach the Trade Deadline on March 8th, all we can do is speculate on what the Canucks might, or might not do. Jim Rutherford and Patrick Allvin have now jumped the deadline in both seasons they have been at the helm of the team, making moves before the final hour. In the 2022/23 season they traded away Horvat and later … Read More

The Canucks Aquire Elias Lindholm from The Calgary Flames

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The Canucks once again kick off trade season, this year though, instead of selling a centre, they’re buying one. It was a slow trickle of information, but Wednesday night it became clear based on various credible reports that the Canucks were going to be trading Kuzmenko and Brzustewicz for Elias Lindholm. The rest of the deal became public shortly before 6 PM PST. This is the second year in a … Read More

Breaking Trade: Beauvillier to the Blackhawks

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On Tuesday evening, just before the Canucks were scheduled to play the Anaheim Ducks, news broke that the Canucks had traded Anthony Beauvillier to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a 5th-round pick. It has been apparent for some time now that the Canucks were going to have to move a winger, especially once all their forwards became healthy. Beauvillier was acquired from the New York Islanders as part of … Read More

The Pearson Trade is Only Good in a Vacuum

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On Tuesday it was announced by Patrick Allvin that the Canucks had traded 31-year-old Tanner Pearson to the Montreal Canadiens along with a 2025 third-round pick. In exchange, the Canucks received veteran backup goaltender Casey DeSmith. At first glance, this solves a lot of issues for the Canucks. Pearson has not played a game since November after sustaining a hand injury, multiple setbacks and multiple surgeries. The Canucks seemingly went … Read More

Speculation: Columbus Might Be the Perfect Fit for JT Miller

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Everything surrounding the Canucks lately seems to be quiet, there isn’t much happening and the rumour mill hasn’t started churning with anything new so far this summer. Unlike the Canucks, the Columbus Blue Jackets have been wasting no time getting a kick start to their summer by making trades and shaking up the coaching staff. Firstly, the Jackets have all but announced that Mike Babcock will be the new head … Read More

Canucks Trade Deadline Recap

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Well, the NHL trade deadline has passed and with it, another window of opportunity for the Canucks to make sizable moves has closed behind them. Vancouver wasn’t absent from the trading scene, but the pieces they did move, and the ones they acquired, were not necessarily what some Canucks fans had in mind. In late February, we here at published our “On the Block” article, highlighting the players that … Read More

Transfer: Luke Schenn Heads Back To the Leafs

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Luke Schenn has finally been traded. On Tuesday afternoon there was a flurry of trades that had hockey fans from all corners of the NHL wondering if they accidentally slept from Monday night to Friday morning and didn’t notice. The Canucks have been one of the most active teams in the NHL leading up to Friday’s deadline, and they didn’t slow down on Tuesday when the Canucks sent Luke Schenn … Read More

Beyond Bo – Canucks Production Since the Horvat Deal

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Orange and blue just aren’t a good look for some people, and Canucks fans would likely say that Bo Horvat is one of those people. It’s been nearly a month since former Canucks captain Bo Horvat was traded to the New York Islanders, and for many die-hard Canucks fans, Horvat’s absence on the Canucks bench is still painful night in and night out. It likely will be for a while, … Read More

On the Block – Who Could the Canucks Trade at the Deadline

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March 3rd, 2023 will be the first indication from this management team if they are truly doing the dreaded retool and building on the fly or if they are going to take a step back and do a proper rebuild. The Canucks have been moving players to LTIR and opening up usable cap space which indicates something is coming, or they are letting the league know, they can be the … Read More

Train of Thought: Remembering Bo Horvat – The Canuck

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Bo There He Goes Joni Mitchel, and later The Counting Crows famously said “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone“. That seems to be the case with the 14th captain of the Canucks. Patrick Allvin and Jim Rutherford made their first major trade of their new re-tool with the trade of Canuck veteran and pending UFA Bo Horvat. The trade has … Read More