Canucks Weekly Fares: Trading Wins All Week

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Struggles In Game Four Game four for the Canucks was a struggle in Edmonton. Hot off of their 4-3 victory in their first game at Rogers Place, the Canucks failed to develop much offence for the bulk of the game. Vancouver was outshot 30 to 21 by the time everything was said and done, with perhaps the only silver lining being that Vancouver played a strong physical game having outmuscled … Read More

Train of Thought: What a Playoff Run Means to These Canucks Fans

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This Canucks team and Canucks fans have been through a lot this season. From year to year this team went from significantly missing the playoffs to becoming one of the best teams in the NHL. It’s been a meteoric rise to contention that has brought with it mixed feelings of excitement, nerves, and anticipation. The Canucks are entering the playoffs this year after a full 82-game season for the first … Read More

Train of Thought: Remembering John Garrett’s Time in Colour

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The Canucks Will Never Sound the Same Again John Garrett has lived a full life, and believe it or not, it hasn’t all been spent providing punny insights and jovial analysis in the broadcast booth for the Vancouver Canucks. Before Cheech was Cheech on the mic, he was Cheech on the ice. John played as a goaltender and was drafted into the NHL by the St. Louis Blues in 1971. … Read More