Trade or Draft: How The Canucks Should Use Their Pick

Trent Leith / June 3, 2021
In a stunning turn of events, the Vancouver Canucks didn’t fall in the draft order. The Vancouver Canucks held on to the 9th overall pick in the 2021 NHL entry draft. Any seasoned Canucks fan will tell you that not losing the draft lottery is just as good as winning the draft lottery in Vancouver. This year there is tremendous potential to draft players further down the draft order than...


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If Canucks Players Were White Claw Flavours

Brayden Fengler / May 28, 2021
The playoffs are on, the sun is up and the Canucks are out… Not the exact circumstance that many Canucks fans would’ve hoped for at the start of this season, but hey, two of those three things aren’t exactly bad. Additionally, with the days getting hotter, it’s not just the Canucks’ poor season that is causing people to reach for their alcoholic refreshments. Sadly though with the Canucks being out...

A Diamond in the Rough Season, Reminiscing on Höglander’s Rise

Brayden Fengler / May 21, 2021
By this point, you don’t need to be told that this Vancouver Canucks season was challenging for the players and the organization. You don’t need to be regaled on the many pitfalls that you watched management walk into over the course of the last few months. We’re heading into the sunny summer months now, so who needs those kinds of vibes crushing their spirits? It can seem like there are...

Left On Read: Canucks in Back-to-Backs, Graovac’s Unlikely Path and Meaningless Games

Trent Leith / May 19, 2021
When we at gear up to do a Left on Red article, we search Canucks Twitter for unanswered questions and we do our best to answer them, for those who were Left On Read, it’s as simple as that. We want to make sure every nook and cranny of the fanbase gets to engage with others in the market. When I was collecting questions for this month’s edition, most...

From Leafs to Canucks, a Check-in on Vesey and Boyd

Brayden Fengler / May 14, 2021
When Jimmy Vesey and Travis Boyd first joined this Canucks team inside the same week back in March, one of the main reasons to get excited about both players was their price. The two players each came in at a cap hit under $1 million, with Vesey taking up $900k and Boyd at $700k.  The two forwards were seeing little action on the division-leading Toronto Maple Leafs, and though Toronto...

Rathbone: 4 Predictions After 5 Games

Trent Leith / May 12, 2021
How many times as a Canuck fan in the last two or three years, have you read that a rookie player has come in near the end of the season and has had a strong performance for his new club? ? While we haven’t had the likes of Brock Boeser, Elias Petterson or Quinn Hughes this season, we’ve had players like Nils Höglander and now Jack Rathbone, that have filled...

Where Are the Canucks With Travis Green’s Contract

Brayden Fengler / May 7, 2021
Eight games, a single-digit amount, that’s how many games Travis Green has left behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. Unless of course, the Canucks and Green agree to a new contract before his current one expires on July 1st. At the moment though, whether or not this will happen is up for heated speculation. If the Canucks don’t strike a deal with Green before the team plays their final game this...

What Nikita Tryamkin’s KHL Signing Says About The Canucks

Trent Leith / May 4, 2021
Nikita Tryamkin fatigue may have reached a critical mass and merciful end this weekend for Vancouver fans as he signed a 2-year deal with his KHL club, Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist. This comes after much speculation and rumour that the Vancouver Canucks and Tryamkin have been working towards a new deal that would bring Tryamkin back to the NHL. These rumours were put to rest, but speculation as to why Tryamkin signed...

A Canucks Goalie Check-In

Trent Leith / April 30, 2021
Just like every other aspect of the Vancouver Canucks season, there have been some serious highs and treacherous lows with the goaltending situation. Thatcher Demko has shown that his performance in the bubble was not a blip, but instead the bar. Braden Holtby started his Canucks tenure with some of the weakest hockey of his career and Michael DiPietro hasn’t played a game in over 400 days, after a strong...

5 Destinations for the Canucks’ AHL Team

Brayden Fengler / April 28, 2021
It looks like the Canucks AHL affiliate team is on the move again. It was reported just over a week and a half ago that the Utica Comets President Robert Esche has registered a trademark for the “Utica Devils”. For any Utica Comets fan holding their breath that this trademark is simply for an alt-rock band that Esche will be front lining, you may want to sit down, because this...