No Doubt. The Canucks Will Make the Playoffs This Year.

Brayden Fengler / September 4, 2021
The Vancouver Canucks will make the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs. Bookmark this, screencap it, physically print off a copy of this article and save it for playoff time, I’ve got a take coming in hot. This article may age poorly, and knowing Canuck luck the odds of that are high, but it’s that time of year again where hope starts creeping in. The sands of time have made the pains...


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Pairing the Canucks Forward Lines

Trent Leith / August 29, 2021
A few weeks ago we took a look at the Vancouver Canucks defence and projected the pairings for the season. Seeing as it’s the dog days of August, we are going back to that well and projecting out the offensive group’s lines.  Some key players will be joining the team for the first time this season, and some… not-so-key players have played their final days with the team. The result...

Does Olli Juolevi Actually Have a Future in Vancouver

Brayden Fengler / August 13, 2021
No team wants to give up on one of their first-round picks, especially one as high as a top-five pick like Olie Juolevi was for the Canucks in 2016. Not every player develops in the same way, and time is a huge part of that equation. If you’ve been a hockey fan for more than a season, you’ve likely at some point been witness to the sudden emergence of a...

Projecting the Canucks Defence Pairings

Trent Leith / August 6, 2021
Quinn Hughes is now the longest-tenured Canucks defender, Let that sink in for a second. Hughes still feels like the team’s new toy, and yet here we are. Half of the Vancouver Canucks defencemen from the 2020-21 season have departed from the team. With the Canucks new acquisitions it leaves fans wondering exactly what the back end of this team’s defence will look like.  Last week we covered all the...

Canucks Expo-sition: A Densely Packed, “Aggressive” Week for Vancouver

Brayden Fengler / July 29, 2021
The offseason for the Vancouver Canucks in the year 2021 has certainly been unprecedented. Much of where the team is today can be traced back to the unprecedented 2019-20 shortened season as well. Including their unexpected playoff run, and of course last year’s tumultuous off-season that resulted in many key players leaving. The chaos and confusion have carried on right to this day in many ways, with the Seattle Expansion...

Just let it Kole. Canucks Lose Lind In Expansion But That’s Okay

Brayden Fengler / July 21, 2021
Although his name may not have been leaked by throwing a fish, it was reported earlier Wednesday morning by Rick Dhaliwal that Kole Lind would indeed be the player selected by the incoming Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft. How Are You Feeling, Do You Like the Show? It’s really hard to feel any type of way, good or bad, about Seattle’s decision. In the months leading up to the...

Offseason Primer: Roster Holes That Need Addressing

Trent Leith / July 10, 2021
The regular season is long over, the Cinderella run has come to an end and the Stanley Cup has been awarded. As hockey fans around North America take their eyes off the Montréal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning and shift their focus back to their local markets.  The Canucks are poised to have a busy off-season in their need to sign key RFAs, fill holes on the back end...

Sedins’ Presence Will Help Shape Canucks Youth

Brayden Fengler / June 24, 2021
The worst kept secret in recent weeks has finally been brought out into the open. Henrik and Daniel Sedin are officially back working under the roof of Rogers Arena, as special advisors to the general manager. While GM Jim Benning is still the man in charge, Henrik and Daniel will have a role to play in advising Jim around hockey operation decisions, as well as learning the managerial ropes themselves....

4 Potential Canucks Free Agent Defence Signings

Trent Leith / June 17, 2021
Jim Benning said the Vancouver Canucks are going to be aggressive this off-season, and free agency is a tool in his toolbelt. With that in mind, one area of the team that Canucks need to improve the most is their defence. While they don’t have lots of cap space, there are a number of interesting suitors that will be hitting free agency this summer, that Jim Benning will likely at...

What Ian Clark Means to Vancouver’s Goaltenders

Brayden Fengler / June 11, 2021
Okay, Vancouver you can stop pinching yourself this isn’t a dream. After walking both their head coach and goalie coach right to the end of their contracts, the Canucks have done the unthinkable and managed to sign both. The Canucks re-signed Travis Green back on May 21st, but now Ian Clark, the much-praised goalie coach has finally signed on the dotted lines with the team. There was a real fear...