A Timeline of Canucks Hirings and Firings Since December

Brayden Fengler / January 27, 2022
And there we have it folks, with the signing of Patrik Allvin as the new GM of the Vancouver Canucks the search for the last remaining stone on the front office infinity gauntlet has been completed (for now maybe…). We have come full circle since the front-office shakeup that began on December 5th, with the firing of most notably then Canucks Head Coach Travis Green and General Manager Jim Benning....


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What to Expect if Michael DiPietro Gets NHL Action

Brayden Fengler / January 22, 2022
Michael DiPietro has had an interesting tenure with the Canucks organization. He was drafted in 2017, which despite my internal clock telling me that 2017 was last year, it was actually 5 years ago. Yet DiPietro has only been trusted to play a total of 2 games for the franchise’s main club. DiPietro has at least spent a total of 54 games backstopping the Canucks’ AHL affiliate team over the...

Should The Canucks Trade or Re-sign Motte?

Trent Leith / January 20, 2022
Tyler Motte represents the kind of depth that every strong NHL team needs. But in the flat cap era, it’s the kind of depth that no team wants to pay a fair price for. With Motte’s two-year $1.225M deal set to expire at the end of the season, the 26-year-old winger is likely going to be looking for a payday. That is something the Canucks should be hesitant to oblige. ...

The Ripples of Elias Pettersson as a Winger

Trent Leith / January 15, 2022
It is no secret and has been very well documented that Elias Petterson is not playing up to his potential. On Thursday night, Elias Petterson was playing left wing on a line with Bo Horvat, and Conor Garland. Pettersson seemed to take a small step back towards being the player that he has been in previous years. With Pettersson on the wing, that means someone else needs to be the...

How Will the Canucks Adapt to the Rest of Their Brutal January Schedule?

Brayden Fengler / January 13, 2022
The Canucks suffered their biggest loss in the Bruce Boudreau era this week, on January 11th in the 5-2 defeat to the Florida Panthers. Although all but the painfully optimistic knew that the Canucks couldn’t go the rest of the season without some humbling games, this loss still came as a shock in some ways. The Florida game was by far the biggest sign of “regression” by Bruce’s version of...

Left on Read: Rathbone Should Return + Hockey Canada Disappoints

Brayden Fengler / January 8, 2022
It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Left on Read is a series here at StadiumChinatown.ca where we dive into #Canucks Twitter in search of questions from Canucks fans that have gone without a response from the rest of Twitter. Below you will find five tweets that meet the criteria for “Left on Read”, and what these tweets will get is an uncalled-for overdone response far-stretching beyond...

Should The Canucks Trade Halak, and What That Could Mean

Trent Leith / January 6, 2022
The Canucks look like they’ve gone from playing in a lost season to suddenly being in a playoff race, albeit at a longshot playoff race. The sudden shift in gear can be directly attributed to the hiring of Bruce Boudreau, as he has suddenly changed the direction of this club’s 2021-22 season.  When the season changes on a dime like the Canucks’ have, you often have to reevaluate how you...

4 Improved Canucks Players Under Bruce Boudreau

Brayden Fengler / December 18, 2021
It still feels good to write things that are positive about this Canucks team. It’s been nearly two weeks now since the well-received Canucks regime change took place, and it’s been hard to stop gushing about the positive effects that this switch-up has already had on the team. As the games go by it only becomes more exciting, as the longer this increased performance is sustained, the more likely it...

The Biggest Changes Under the Boudreau Effect

Trent Leith / December 16, 2021
The Canucks are going through some changes, I don’t know if you heard. First the Canucks changed coaches from Travis Green and Friends to Bruce Boudreau and Scott Walker and then later let Jim Benning and Co. go in place for Jim Rutherford a GM yet to be hired and newly appointed AGM Derek Clancey.  Jim Rutheford has been hired as the first President of Hockey Operations since Trevor Linden...

Jim Rutherford to Be President and Interim GM of Canucks

Brayden Fengler / December 9, 2021
Ruth there it is!… yeah, doesn’t have the same ring. The long and exhaustive search for a new Canucks General Manager and President is over, for now. Stan Smyl’s interim role as Canucks GM looks to be shorter than expected as ownership has a deal to hire Jim Rutherford in a new Interim role. Things seemed to come together quickly this morning on this deal, and even as the Canucks...