Three Canucks Who Need to Step Up Next Season

Trent Leith / May 21, 2022
The Vancouver Canucks continue to stare in the face of sweeping changes. Some have come and gone, and others stand directly in the Canucks path through the offseason.  The Canucks are expected to continue to evolve beyond this offseason and into the 2022/23 offseason as Patrik Allvin and Jim Rutherford continue to dismantle the old regime’s vision and start moulding their own. There are some players on the Canucks that...


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22 Thoughts From 22 Fans – A 2021/22 Canucks Season Retrospective

Brayden Fengler / May 15, 2022
Over the past week, I spent time reaching out to a number of Canucks fans, 22 to be exact. Now that the dust has well settled on the Canucks’ playoff ambitions, I wanted to see what this small sample size of fans had to say, about how they viewed this past Canucks season. This article features 22 thoughts from 22 different fans, on the 2021-22 season. I gave very few...

Who Sank to the Bottom of the +/- Stat for the Canucks This Season

Brayden Fengler / May 4, 2022
Plus-minus is a notoriously ridiculed stat, of all the major tracked stats: goals, assist, TOI, plus-minus sits right alongside them, but it’s not valued nearly the same as other benchmark stats in hockey circles. Why is that?  What it boils down to, is that +/- is too random to be an effective individual stat. It’s the stat that’s the most unrelated in terms of reflecting an individual player’s contribution. +/-...

The Best Performances By Canucks Players

Trent Leith / April 27, 2022
With the Canucks officially eliminated, there is not a lot of meaning left in the two games remaining on their schedule. Just because the season in its entirety may not have been a success, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been successes along the way, however.  From the hot streaks that this team has been on to the stabilization of the penalty kill, there has certainly been lots to like about...

No Doubt. The Canucks Will NOT Make The Playoffs This Year

Brayden Fengler / April 22, 2022
I come to you now, as a humble man, a humble man asking for your forgiveness and your understanding. I was wrong, so, very wrong. In September of 2021, well ahead of this season’s first puck drop I wrote an article for this very site, entitled No Doubt. The Canucks Will Make the Playoffs This Year. Why, why did I have to add the “No Doubt” in front of that...

Nils Höglander, a Sophomore Season Reflection

Brayden Fengler / April 19, 2022
Barring any Wolverine-esque healing factor, Nils Höglander has played his last game as a Vancouver Canuck this season. Having already had a stand-in fill his shoes during the club’s 2022 team photo taken earlier this week, his absence is clear now if it wasn’t before. Höglander has indeed skipped town, with no reasonable timeline for return this season. This makes for quite the underwhelming bookend to Höglander’s second season in...

3 Things To Watch for During The Rest of The Canucks’ Season

Trent Leith / April 16, 2022
With the Canucks’ season all but mathematically dead in the water, the Canucks still somehow continue to give flickers of hope to their fans as they continue to collect wins. But despite those wins, a playoff berth is still very unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to watch the games ahead, especially as the Canucks immediate future beyond this season is still very uncertain. This last handful of...

Martin’s Future As The Canucks’ Backup

Trent Leith / April 11, 2022
The Canucks have struggled in the last couple of years to find a goaltending tandem that they could trust, and that didn’t have future implications on the cap. Now though, the Caunucks seem to have put themselves in a position where that may no longer be a problem. On April 8th, 2022 the Canucks signed Spencer Martin to a two-year, one-way deal, that puts Martin in the position to be...

Left on Read: OEL and Chiasson Surprise + Will the Canucks Ever Lose Again?

Brayden Fengler / April 9, 2022
Canucks Twitter is a fascinating place, full of reasonable, and unreasonable discussions. However, it is also a loud place, and not every opinion gets a counter, not every witty joke gets the minimal acknowledgment it deserves. We here at have developed this series in an attempt to chip away at that problem. Below you will find five tweets that were regrettably “Left on Read”. These people heard nothing in...

Bruce Boudreau’s Future With the Canucks

Trent Leith / April 4, 2022
Since the Canucks loss to the St. Louis Blues on March 30th, all excitement surrounding the team has more or less died, but that hasn’t stopped fans from finding something to talk about. The latest talking point making the rounds is what Bruce Boudreau’s future with the Canucks looks like. The Canucks started the 2021-22 season with Travis Green as head coach and the team put up an 8-15-2 record...