When The Canucks’ Schedule Will Effect them the Most

Trent Leith / April 23, 2021
The Canucks defied all expectations in their return to the ice, after their one-week break,  immediately followed by the worst COVID-19 outbreak the NHL has seen to date. When the Canucks returned to game action after over 3 weeks off, expectations were all but nil. The playoff chances seemed withered and the team was expected to be slow and fatigued.  Returning with two games in 3 nights against the division-leading...


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Post COVID Canucks, Expect the Unexpected

Brayden Fengler / April 21, 2021
Two games in and these post COVID Canucks have already good and truly flipped the script on what was expected of them. In their first two games back this club has not only secured 4 out of 4 points, but they have done so against what is supposed to be the best team in the North Division. After six periods of play between Sunday and Tuesday evening, this Toronto Maple...

The Current State of The Vancouver Canucks Season

Trent Leith / April 15, 2021
The Canucks have been on pause since their mid-season break on March 24th. On the eve of the team’s planned return on March 31st, Adam Gaudette was pulled mid-practice with a positive test for COVID-19. The return of games would be postponed for more than 2 weeks as players and coaches recovered from what has been reported as 25 positive tests, of one of the harsher variants of COVID-19. The...

Left on Read: Trade Deadline + COVID Concerns

Brayden Fengler / April 13, 2021
Welcome to “Left on Read”. This is the third entry in our series of articles where we aim to dive deep into Canucks Twitter and resurface with a few hand-picked Canucks questions that didn’t get enough love and attention. In the paragraphs below, you will see responses to questions raised by members of the Canucks Twitter community. The catch is that these questions in the form of tweets have gone...

Pearson’s New Contract and its Future Implications

Trent Leith / April 9, 2021
On Thursday afternoon reports came out that Tanner Pearson has signed a 3 year $3.25M deal. Prior to the signing, the 28-year-old winger was the main focus of trade speculation for the Canucks heading into the April 12th, trade deadline. Pearson has been a staple on Bo Horvat’s wing over the course of the 3 seasons he has been with this team, putting up 36 goals during that time with...

4 Good Things From This Canucks Season

Brayden Fengler / April 8, 2021
It was just last Wednesday everyone in Canucks nation was anxiously awaiting Vancouver’s return to play after their one-week break. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a media personality, or anything in between, everyone within that spectrum should agree that the week is always better when there are Canucks games on the calendar. Unfortunately, It’s now been over two full weeks since the ‘Nucks have dressed for a game and just...

SCT Grab Bag: Covid-19 Delay, Demko’s Deal and Pearson Contract Rumors

Trent Leith / April 1, 2021
For a week without any hockey to be played by the Vancouver Canucks, a lot has happened in the last few days. The Canucks’ first Covid-19 delay, Demko’s deal and Pearson contract rumours for starters. To make sure we cover it all we figured now is as good a time as any to do a SCT Grab Bag and touch on much of the latest news.  Adam Gaudette’s Positive Test...

Where is Elias Pettersson?

Brayden Fengler / March 29, 2021
Where is Elias Pettersson? The Vancouver Canucks have now played 11 games since their star forward Elias Patterson last suited up for the team on March 2nd. In his absence, there was no doubt an initial thrill that came from seeing the Canucks earn a three-game winning streak, beating the Toronto Maple Leafs twice and the Montreal Canadiens once. These events brought a thought to Canucks fans, however fleeting and...

Top 7 Follows of Canucks Twitter

Trent Leith / March 26, 2021
Well, we are only 2 days into the Canucks week off and it feels like an eternity, and even longer if we’re counting good Canucks games. While the Canucks take a week off the ice, we at StadiumChinatown.ca thought we would also take it off the ice too. We have compiled a list of the top 7 follows of Canucks Twitter. Why 7? Well, because it’s a lucky number, and...

Travis Boyd, Can Another 4th Line Leaf Help

Brayden Fengler / March 24, 2021
Another week, another Toronto Maple Leaf player added off waivers to a Canucks team who just lost a top-six player to injury. Jimmy Vesey will be seeing another familiar face in the Canucks locker room, other than just J.T. Miller. Travis Boyd, released to waivers by Toronto this week, was Vesey’s regular right-wing counterpart on the Leafs’ fourth line. In Toronto, Boyd was playing almost identical minutes to Vesey, with...