Rest Vs. Rust – The Canucks Need to Wrap Up The Series In Game 6

By: Trent Leith / April 30, 2024  

The Canucks looked to close out round one vs. the Nashville Predators tonight. Even though they didn’t end up pulling it off, it begs the question, how much of a benefit it is to end a series early?

It has long been debated if rest is beneficial in the post season, or if it only serves to hinder a teams chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Does it benefit a team to be rested, or keep rolling from one game to the next?

Teams that sweep a series generally struggle against their next matchup if their opponent played a longer series. This fact is largely due to momentum. We can debate the merits of momentum in the playoffs all we want, but the fact is, teams that played a longer series, generally come out in the next round faster and more ready for the games ahead.

For those concerned about the rust factor, we only have to look back to 2022 when the Colorado Avalanche swept the Edmonton Oilers in the semifinals. The Avs had an eight-day break between ending their series and facing off against the Lightning. Despite the off time, the Avs won the series and the Stanley Cup.

There is no tried and true method to what works and what doesn’t, but in the case of the Canucks, rest would be welcomed at this time.

It would be beneficial for the Canucks to get some rest. The Canucks/Predators series has the most travel, by a long shot, than any other matchup in round one. JT Miller put it best when he said that the most important part of their game 4 win was 8.5 hours less of travel.

The Canucks have been racking up Air Miles like they are going out style, and that takes its toll on you. Especially when you are as banged up as a team as you already are.

Quinn Hughes has taken a beating in this series. Brock Boeser missed the last game of the regular season nursing an injury, DeSmith and Demko have both gone down to Injuries, Myers has missed a game, Joshua missed a few shifts and something very clearly is up with Pettersson.

This is only round one, the Canucks could afford a few days off to nurse some wounds, and ice some aches and pains before going into round two against Edmonton or LA.

Rest aside, Pettersson could also use a reset, whether his issues stem from an injury as reported by Rick Dahliwal, or are simply between the ears, some time off could do Pettersson some good. Getting some practice time, that can be so rare in the playoffs, and sleeping in your own bed for a few days certainly couldn’t hurt more than it would help at this stage.

The Canucks didn’t sweep the Predators, so they don’t have to worry about waiting around for a week for their next matchup to start, but ending the series at game six would still be important from a rest standpoint.