What the Canucks’ Past and Present All-Star Representatives Says About the Team

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Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the Canucks most deserving year in terms of representation at the All-Star game. Gone are the days of Vancouver being a bottom-feeder team sending their lone highlight player. Now they are in a position where the majority of their top talent will be present in Toronto. This is a very new situation for the Canucks. Quinn Hughes was automatically selected by the … Read More

Beyond Bo – Canucks Production Since the Horvat Deal

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Orange and blue just aren’t a good look for some people, and Canucks fans would likely say that Bo Horvat is one of those people. It’s been nearly a month since former Canucks captain Bo Horvat was traded to the New York Islanders, and for many die-hard Canucks fans, Horvat’s absence on the Canucks bench is still painful night in and night out. It likely will be for a while, … Read More

Kuzmenko Extends – What Does This Say About Vancouver’s Future

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There is widespread speculation that Canucks captain Bo Horvat is not a priority for Canucks management to re-sign. The team’s extension of Andrei Kuzmenko on Thursday only gives more legitimacy to those beliefs. Although Kuzmenko’s production and potential made him a high-value trade piece, it seems that the Canucks were able to work out a favourable bridge deal with their new Russian asset. Two Year Extension Kuzmenko has agreed to … Read More

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 15 Recap

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In a parallel universe, this week would’ve been a truly awesome one for the Canucks. The skate was finally freed, and by now they should be well on their way to cementing their place in the standings to lock in a playoff appearance on the other side of the All-Star Break. However, that universe is not the one this Canucks team exists in. Although the famous flying skate logo did … Read More

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 13 Recap

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It was an interesting week for the Canucks. They certainly made the most of this past week, treating fans to two very different games with two very different outcomes. If you missed either of the games this week or are just checking in to see if you missed any critical on or off-ice events from the Canucks, this is the place to be. Our Weekly Fares series will bring you … Read More

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 12 Recap

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We at StadiumChinatown.ca have decided to bring you more content in 2023. Is that good or bad? You decide. We are introducing a new weekly series called Canucks Weekly Fares. The purpose of this series is to give Canucks fans a weekly recap to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the morning. You’re a busy person, you can’t stay glued to Twitter 24/7. You have obligations, and you can’t … Read More

4 Things Canucks Fans Can Look Forward to in 2023

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Depending on how dialed in you are as a Canucks fan at this stage of their 2022-23 season, this very title could bring about a myriad of different emotions. If you’ve already checked out after the team’s troublesome start to the year, perhaps you’re reading the title of this article and wondering if the team has actually turned it around. However, if you’ve stuck with the Canucks game in and … Read More

Pettersson Flips the Script With Strong First Part of Season

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Over the past few seasons, Elias Pettersson has had moments where he’s matched his team’s poor performance and moments where he’s been the shining star amongst an otherwise bland Canucks squad. This season is trending to be more like the latter. It’s clearer than ever that EP40 has been one of the most consistent forwards on a team that has otherwise been treading water since the start of the season … Read More

What If Bo Horvat Wins the Rocket Richard?

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It is no secret Bo Horvat can score goals, arguably better than anyone in the league right now. What happens if this trend keeps up and Bo Horvat wins the Rocket Richard at the end of the year?  I know, there is a lot of season left for Bo to keep up this scoring pace. But Bo has been scoring at this pace since last season. Since March 15th, 2022, … Read More

Horvat: Is He Scoring Himself Out Of Vancouver?

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It is no secret Bo Horvat has put the Canucks on his back to start this season. Not only does he lead the team in goals (12) but he is second in the entire NHL behind only Connor McDavid (14). He is also the only Canuck to score a short-handed goal this season with two. He has been a goal-scoring monster in the first 13 games but also leads the … Read More