The Sedins Can Now Play a Larger Role in Canucks Leadership

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So just in case you weren’t aware, there were one or two rather small changes made within the Canucks organization over this past weekend. Nothing too crazy, just a super casual complete regime change, with both General Manager Jim Benning and Head Coach Travis Green being kicked to the curb. No biggy, this kind of thing happens all the time, or once every 8 years I guess. These terminations come … Read More

An Open Letter to Francesco Aquilini

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Dear Mr. Aquilini, I am writing to you, not to throw stones or call names, but to beg you to make some much needed changes to the Vancouver Canucks. As you know, maybe better than anyone, Vancouver is an incredible hockey market with some of the most passionate fans the sport has to offer and unfortunately, they have been broken.  We all saw the passion in 2011 during the run … Read More

Where Are the Canucks With Travis Green’s Contract

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Eight games, a single-digit amount, that’s how many games Travis Green has left behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. Unless of course, the Canucks and Green agree to a new contract before his current one expires on July 1st. At the moment though, whether or not this will happen is up for heated speculation. If the Canucks don’t strike a deal with Green before the team plays their final game this … Read More