If Canucks Players Were White Claw Flavours

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The playoffs are on, the sun is up and the Canucks are out… Not the exact circumstance that many Canucks fans would’ve hoped for at the start of this season, but hey, two of those three things aren’t exactly bad. Additionally, with the days getting hotter, it’s not just the Canucks’ poor season that is causing people to reach for their alcoholic refreshments. Sadly though with the Canucks being out … Read More

The Canucks’ New Blue-Collar Approach to Their Game

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Saturday night the Vancouver Canucks snapped a 6 game losing streak with a decisive win over the Calgary Flames. The team looked much different than in the previous games, even if you consider how they have been playing better over the last few contests. The difference on Saturday night was a mentality change. The Canucks’ new blue-collar approach to their game is what could lead them down the path of … Read More

The Story of the Canucks Defence So Far

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It’s hard to know where to begin with the Canucks defence right now. Imagine you’re in a police station viewing a criminal lineup, but the people in the lineup keep shuffling in and out of the room. That’s what it feels like to try and identify the problem that exists with the current Canucks defence core. The Canucks lead the league in both total goals against and average goals against … Read More