A Hockey Fan Abroad

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A week or so into the start of this season, when the Canucks’ win column was… well about the same as it is today, which is to say – disappointing, I thought it wise to attempt to write a satirical article. The thrust of this article had me making suggestions for how overly disgruntled Canucks fans should “calm down” and gain some perspective on what was only a handful of … Read More

Where Are the Canucks With Travis Green’s Contract

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Eight games, a single-digit amount, that’s how many games Travis Green has left behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. Unless of course, the Canucks and Green agree to a new contract before his current one expires on July 1st. At the moment though, whether or not this will happen is up for heated speculation. If the Canucks don’t strike a deal with Green before the team plays their final game this … Read More

Canucks Still Scramble for Consistency

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It is now a historical fact that the Canucks have beaten the Toronto Maple Leafs without Elias Pettersson, and in that same game, Jake Virtanen very nearly got a hat trick. Prior to Thursday night’s game, a sentence like the one above would’ve had no place on this website, because this site covers real events and that sentence clearly sounds like a work of fiction. However, as they say, truth … Read More