How Should the Canucks Replace Oliver Ekman-Larsson

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With Oliver Ekaman-Larsson now officially out of the picture after his buyout at the hands of Patrick Allvin, his pending absence next season certainly brings with it a lot of questions. Many of those questions involve what the Canucks will do with the cap space created, and how they will look to fill OEL’s position on the ice. With a lot still yet to happen this off-season, the ramifications of … Read More

5 Things for Canucks Fans to Worry About This off Season

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The Canucks regular season has come and gone, and for many Canucks fans it couldn’t have gone fast enough. This time last year the Canucks sat on the outside looking in after a year when the organization claimed that making the playoffs was a must. Now one year later, with a new management group at the helm for a full season, and a similar sentiment about making the playoffs, the … Read More

Left on Read: Kuzmenko, the Silverlining + Pettersson’s Electric Year

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Canucks Twitter is one of the most active (for better or worse) sports team Twitter spheres on the internet. But being that the team sees so much online engagement on a daily basis, it almost goes without saying that some tweets, hot takes, and comments from Canucks fans fly under the radar, just due to the sheer volume of content that is out there. In this series, we aim to … Read More

The Canucks in October, Why This Time of Year Feels Scarier Than Last Season

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It’s only five games into this 82 game season and if games were years and the Canucks were a person, they would barely be old enough to form memories yet. This lens makes it seem irrational to worry and crazy to panic, so can someone please explain why that still feels like the logical emotion to have, even this early in the 2022-23 campaign? It’s hard to believe that considering … Read More

No Doubt. The Canucks Will NOT Make The Playoffs This Year

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I come to you now, as a humble man, a humble man asking for your forgiveness and your understanding. I was wrong, so, very wrong. In September of 2021, well ahead of this season’s first puck drop I wrote an article for this very site, entitled No Doubt. The Canucks Will Make the Playoffs This Year. Why, why did I have to add the “No Doubt” in front of that … Read More

Left on Read: OEL and Chiasson Surprise + Will the Canucks Ever Lose Again?

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Canucks Twitter is a fascinating place, full of reasonable, and unreasonable discussions. However, it is also a loud place, and not every opinion gets a counter, not every witty joke gets the minimal acknowledgment it deserves. We here at have developed this series in an attempt to chip away at that problem. Below you will find five tweets that were regrettably “Left on Read”. These people heard nothing in … Read More