Left on Read: Kuzmenko, the Silverlining + Pettersson’s Electric Year

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Canucks Twitter is one of the most active (for better or worse) sports team Twitter spheres on the internet. But being that the team sees so much online engagement on a daily basis, it almost goes without saying that some tweets, hot takes, and comments from Canucks fans fly under the radar, just due to the sheer volume of content that is out there. In this series, we aim to … Read More

Hopes and Dreams for the Start of the Canucks 2022-23 Season

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The Canucks begin their 2022-23 campaign tonight against the Edmonton Oilers, one of the only two teams kind enough to allow the Canucks to walk away with a victory in the pre-season. If Vancouver’s pre-season record of 2-6 is any indication of how the Canucks will perform in their first run of regular season games, then the bar hasn’t been set too high for the team. However, the pre-season is … Read More