Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 15 Recap

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In a parallel universe, this week would’ve been a truly awesome one for the Canucks. The skate was finally freed, and by now they should be well on their way to cementing their place in the standings to lock in a playoff appearance on the other side of the All-Star Break. However, that universe is not the one this Canucks team exists in. Although the famous flying skate logo did … Read More

How Should Demko Return to the Lineup

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We’re well over a month since Thatcher Demko last tended the pipes for the Canucks, and it’s been frustrating to watch this Canucks team play without their starter since December 3rd. Although Bruce Boudreau would no doubt like to have his star goaltender back in action, the fact remains that Demko was not performing well for Vancouver during the first part of the season, prior to his injury. This begs … Read More

Free Agency Day One, Initial Thoughts on the 5 New Canucks

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The Canucks look to close out day one of NHL Free Agency with five new players now under the franchise’s banner. Vancouver grabbed players from all over the ice, two centres, a right winger, and even a goaltender. Some names were bigger than others, and some positions were clearly waited more than others as well. But regardless of how the pieces fell, it’s clear that July 13th was not a … Read More

22 Thoughts From 22 Fans – A 2021/22 Canucks Season Retrospective

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Over the past week, I spent time reaching out to a number of Canucks fans, 22 to be exact. Now that the dust has well settled on the Canucks’ playoff ambitions, I wanted to see what this small sample size of fans had to say, about how they viewed this past Canucks season. This article features 22 thoughts from 22 different fans, on the 2021-22 season. I gave very few … Read More

Martin’s Future As The Canucks’ Backup

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The Canucks have struggled in the last couple of years to find a goaltending tandem that they could trust, and that didn’t have future implications on the cap. Now though, the Caunucks seem to have put themselves in a position where that may no longer be a problem. On April 8th, 2022 the Canucks signed Spencer Martin to a two-year, one-way deal, that puts Martin in the position to be … Read More

Spencer Martin: The End of an Era, or Is It?

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Spencer Martin was a player that the Canucks took a flyer on back in July, acquiring him from the Tampa Bay Lighting for “future considerations”. Boy howdy was that a high-value pick-up seeing as he just got four points in three games against some of the NHL’s finest. Not to mention he did all this while the Canucks were playing with a depleted roster. Martin got his first start in … Read More

What to Expect if Michael DiPietro Gets NHL Action

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Michael DiPietro has had an interesting tenure with the Canucks organization. He was drafted in 2017, which despite my internal clock telling me that 2017 was last year, it was actually 5 years ago. Yet DiPietro has only been trusted to play a total of 2 games for the franchise’s main club. DiPietro has at least spent a total of 54 games backstopping the Canucks’ AHL affiliate team over the … Read More

Should The Canucks Trade Halak, and What That Could Mean

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The Canucks look like they’ve gone from playing in a lost season to suddenly being in a playoff race, albeit at a longshot playoff race. The sudden shift in gear can be directly attributed to the hiring of Bruce Boudreau, as he has suddenly changed the direction of this club’s 2021-22 season.  When the season changes on a dime like the Canucks’ have, you often have to reevaluate how you … Read More