Canucks Weekly Fares: Canucks Clinch Playoffs, Playoff Tickets Fly off the Shelves, and Demko on LTIR

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March 25th vs. The Los Angeles Kings The first game of the week for the Canucks came on Tuesday. This was the first game where the Canucks found themselves in a playoff-clinching position. If the Canucks had won, their ticket to the postseason would be stamped. But Alas. The game started slowly with the typical, smothering hockey the LA Kings play that we have all grown to hate. The Kings … Read More

What the Canucks’ Past and Present All-Star Representatives Says About the Team

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Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the Canucks most deserving year in terms of representation at the All-Star game. Gone are the days of Vancouver being a bottom-feeder team sending their lone highlight player. Now they are in a position where the majority of their top talent will be present in Toronto. This is a very new situation for the Canucks. Quinn Hughes was automatically selected by the … Read More

Canucks Weekly Fares: Week 7 Recap

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Game 19: November 20th vs. The San Jose Sharks The Vancouver Canucks faced off against the San Jose Sharks for the second time this season on Monday night. For Vancouver, the expectation going into this game was that it should be an easy victory for the club, as their last meeting with the Sharks of course ended in a lopsided 10-1 victory. After a brief brush with royalty, the game … Read More

The Best Around, a Freeze Frame on the Canucks’ Dominant Status in the NHL

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It’s hard to believe where this Canucks team has found themselves so far this season, even despite their weaker performance against Calgary on Thursday night. However, after the team’s overtime win against their former captain on Wednesday night, the Canucks, who were already near the top of the league in a number of categories, reached even further heights. The Canucks Near the Top the League Currently, the Vancouver Canucks sit … Read More

Demko’s Star Still Shines Brightest on Improved Canucks

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The Canucks are the talk of the town right now, the team is playing better than they have in recent memory and currently sits fourth in the entire league. All key players are largely playing their part, the powerplay is killer, the defence and backchecking are dialed in, and as always Thatcher Demko has been amazing in the net. Over the last few seasons, on many occasions, Demko has been … Read More

Quinn Hughes Is Not Your Father’s Captain and That’s Okay

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September rolls around and just like that, we have something to talk about. It’s been the off-season for the entire NHL, so news and developments around the league have been slow going, and Vancouver has been no exception. With just under a month left to go before the puck drops on the regular season, the Canucks upper brass decided that they couldn’t wait to get people talking. In a monumental … Read More

How Should Demko Return to the Lineup

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We’re well over a month since Thatcher Demko last tended the pipes for the Canucks, and it’s been frustrating to watch this Canucks team play without their starter since December 3rd. Although Bruce Boudreau would no doubt like to have his star goaltender back in action, the fact remains that Demko was not performing well for Vancouver during the first part of the season, prior to his injury. This begs … Read More

4 Things Canucks Fans Can Look Forward to in 2023

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Depending on how dialed in you are as a Canucks fan at this stage of their 2022-23 season, this very title could bring about a myriad of different emotions. If you’ve already checked out after the team’s troublesome start to the year, perhaps you’re reading the title of this article and wondering if the team has actually turned it around. However, if you’ve stuck with the Canucks game in and … Read More

Free Agency Day One, Initial Thoughts on the 5 New Canucks

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The Canucks look to close out day one of NHL Free Agency with five new players now under the franchise’s banner. Vancouver grabbed players from all over the ice, two centres, a right winger, and even a goaltender. Some names were bigger than others, and some positions were clearly waited more than others as well. But regardless of how the pieces fell, it’s clear that July 13th was not a … Read More

Is “Experience” a Worthy Cause to Chase the Playoffs?

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There’s no doubt that the Canucks have been more exciting to watch, and more successful overall in the back half of their season to date. However, their sluggish start to the year revealed an overall weakness to the team, that although maybe less prominent on select nights, still exists as a problem that the organization has yet to solve. Their lack of defensive depth and continuing difficulty to kill penalties, … Read More