A Canucks Trade Deadline Wishlist

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At the time of writing this article, the Canucks sit atop the NHL standings, are the first team to reach 69 points (nice) and for the first time all season, hold the NHL top spot via points percentage as well (.719%). The Canucks are lighting the NHL on fire, and the crazy part is, their best players aren’t even at the top of their game right now. The NHL is … Read More

On the Block – Who Could the Canucks Trade at the Deadline

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March 3rd, 2023 will be the first indication from this management team if they are truly doing the dreaded retool and building on the fly or if they are going to take a step back and do a proper rebuild. The Canucks have been moving players to LTIR and opening up usable cap space which indicates something is coming, or they are letting the league know, they can be the … Read More

Pearson’s New Contract and its Future Implications

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On Thursday afternoon reports came out that Tanner Pearson has signed a 3 year $3.25M deal. Prior to the signing, the 28-year-old winger was the main focus of trade speculation for the Canucks heading into the April 12th, trade deadline. Pearson has been a staple on Bo Horvat’s wing over the course of the 3 seasons he has been with this team, putting up 36 goals during that time with … Read More

How the Canucks Can Make the Best of a Bad Situation

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Earlier this week, we took a look at what needs to go right for the Canucks to get another playoff berth. Now we will take a look at the ugly side of the same coin and examine how the Canucks can make the best of a bad situation should the team keep trending to the bottom of the league.  It is safe to say the 2021 Vancouver Canucks season has … Read More