A Timeline of Canucks Hirings and Firings Since December

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And there we have it folks, with the signing of Patrik Allvin as the new GM of the Vancouver Canucks the search for the last remaining stone on the front office infinity gauntlet has been completed (for now maybe…). We have come full circle since the front-office shakeup that began on December 5th, with the firing of most notably then Canucks Head Coach Travis Green and General Manager Jim Benning. … Read More

The Sedins Can Now Play a Larger Role in Canucks Leadership

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So just in case you weren’t aware, there were one or two rather small changes made within the Canucks organization over this past weekend. Nothing too crazy, just a super casual complete regime change, with both General Manager Jim Benning and Head Coach Travis Green being kicked to the curb. No biggy, this kind of thing happens all the time, or once every 8 years I guess. These terminations come … Read More

Breaking: Bruce Boudreau To Be The Next Canucks Coach

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It took booing on the broadcast, a jersey on the ice and constant badgering on Twitter, but the Vancouver Canucks finally made an off-ice change in hiring Bruce Boudreau as the team’s next head coach, as reported by Elliotte Friedman and Irfaan Gaffar. At this point, nothing has been made official by the Vancouver Canucks in regards to hiring Boudreau or letting go Travis Green.  After being the head coach … Read More

The Biggest Problems Facing the Canucks

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Wow, have things ever heated up over these last few weeks. Even if I was approached with a predictive almanac, Back to the Future style, I still never would’ve bet that this Canucks team would get off to such a horrendous start. It seems like the same talking points have been reverberating around the airwaves for the past few weeks, about key players not living up to their potential, about … Read More

5 Games In, How Is Jack Rathbone?

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Welp the days of Olli or Boney are finally behind us, all eyes are now on Jack Rathbone as the team’s front-running defensive prospect. With Olli Juolevi gone, Rathbone unsurprisingly made the team out of training camp and the pre-season and he is already making an impact on this iteration of the Canucks.  Rathbone has earned his spot and is thankfully making Benning and Co. look good about their choice … Read More

Canucks Preseason After Two Games, and Two Big Contracts

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Up until yesterday, the feeling around the Canucks was a bit like the feeling around a toxic relationship. All parties involved were just staying course, taking it day by day and pretending like things are fine. When in reality, difficult decisions were right around the corner, and troubling situations needed to be addressed before things really exploded. The story dominating the airwaves recently hasn’t even been in regards to the … Read More

If Höglander Slumps, How Will The Canucks Manage?

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So far, it’s looking like another promising season for the Canucks’ returning Swedish sophomore. Nils Höglander was undoubtedly amazing last year, especially when compared to the overall performance of the team. However, it may be a good idea for Canucks fans to prepare themselves for the idea of a less productive and potentially less exciting season from the hockey player newly numbered as #21. Last season, Höglander as a rookie, … Read More

A Diamond in the Rough Season, Reminiscing on Höglander’s Rise

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By this point, you don’t need to be told that this Vancouver Canucks season was challenging for the players and the organization. You don’t need to be regaled on the many pitfalls that you watched management walk into over the course of the last few months. We’re heading into the sunny summer months now, so who needs those kinds of vibes crushing their spirits? It can seem like there are … Read More

Where Are the Canucks With Travis Green’s Contract

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Eight games, a single-digit amount, that’s how many games Travis Green has left behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench. Unless of course, the Canucks and Green agree to a new contract before his current one expires on July 1st. At the moment though, whether or not this will happen is up for heated speculation. If the Canucks don’t strike a deal with Green before the team plays their final game this … Read More

Travis Boyd, Can Another 4th Line Leaf Help

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Another week, another Toronto Maple Leaf player added off waivers to a Canucks team who just lost a top-six player to injury. Jimmy Vesey will be seeing another familiar face in the Canucks locker room, other than just J.T. Miller. Travis Boyd, released to waivers by Toronto this week, was Vesey’s regular right-wing counterpart on the Leafs’ fourth line. In Toronto, Boyd was playing almost identical minutes to Vesey, with … Read More