Canucks Weekly Fares: Canucks Clinch Pacific, Podkolzin Extention, and The First Playoff Game

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Canucks Extinguish the Flames The Canucks played the Calgary Flames on Tuesday for the final time of the season. Thatcher Demko made his return to the crease after missing time due to an injury. With a win on Tuesday, the Canucks would officially clinch the Pacific Division title. So while there wasn’t much to play for, there was everything to play for. I’ll keep this light, we are here for … Read More

Podkolzin Under Tocchet

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Last season, Vasily Podkolzin was the only Russian player on the Vancouver Canucks. This year, he started the season with a Russian teammate in Kuzmenko but was sent down to the Abbotsford Canucks partway through the season. Under new coach Rick Tocchet, Podkolzin has returned to Vancouver’s main club and has made an impact in ways that he was unable to earlier this season. Is this the start of a … Read More

4 Things Canucks Fans Can Look Forward to in 2023

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Depending on how dialed in you are as a Canucks fan at this stage of their 2022-23 season, this very title could bring about a myriad of different emotions. If you’ve already checked out after the team’s troublesome start to the year, perhaps you’re reading the title of this article and wondering if the team has actually turned it around. However, if you’ve stuck with the Canucks game in and … Read More

Hopes and Dreams for the Start of the Canucks 2022-23 Season

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The Canucks begin their 2022-23 campaign tonight against the Edmonton Oilers, one of the only two teams kind enough to allow the Canucks to walk away with a victory in the pre-season. If Vancouver’s pre-season record of 2-6 is any indication of how the Canucks will perform in their first run of regular season games, then the bar hasn’t been set too high for the team. However, the pre-season is … Read More

How Bruce Boudreau Handles Second Seasons

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As much as Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau was worried that last season’s “Bruce there it is” chants were going to transition into “Bruce there he goes”, it seems as though that won’t be happening, at least not for another year. Coach Bruce will soon be behind the bench again with the Canucks in his first full season with the club. His coaching style clearly connected with the team last … Read More

Anticipating Andrei Kuzmenko’s 2022-23 Canucks Season

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The ink is barely dry on Andrei Kuzmenko’s one-year $1.8M contract, but before he even picked up a pen, anticipation was in the air about what this extremely effective young player could do for the Canucks next season. Now that his presence in Vancouver is a sure thing, the anticipation can really begin in earnest. We’re still a ways out from puck drop on the 2022-23 season, and the entire … Read More

22 Thoughts From 22 Fans – A 2021/22 Canucks Season Retrospective

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Over the past week, I spent time reaching out to a number of Canucks fans, 22 to be exact. Now that the dust has well settled on the Canucks’ playoff ambitions, I wanted to see what this small sample size of fans had to say, about how they viewed this past Canucks season. This article features 22 thoughts from 22 different fans, on the 2021-22 season. I gave very few … Read More

No Doubt. The Canucks Will NOT Make The Playoffs This Year

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I come to you now, as a humble man, a humble man asking for your forgiveness and your understanding. I was wrong, so, very wrong. In September of 2021, well ahead of this season’s first puck drop I wrote an article for this very site, entitled No Doubt. The Canucks Will Make the Playoffs This Year. Why, why did I have to add the “No Doubt” in front of that … Read More

Is “Experience” a Worthy Cause to Chase the Playoffs?

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There’s no doubt that the Canucks have been more exciting to watch, and more successful overall in the back half of their season to date. However, their sluggish start to the year revealed an overall weakness to the team, that although maybe less prominent on select nights, still exists as a problem that the organization has yet to solve. Their lack of defensive depth and continuing difficulty to kill penalties, … Read More

4 Improved Canucks Players Under Bruce Boudreau

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It still feels good to write things that are positive about this Canucks team. It’s been nearly two weeks now since the well-received Canucks regime change took place, and it’s been hard to stop gushing about the positive effects that this switch-up has already had on the team. As the games go by it only becomes more exciting, as the longer this increased performance is sustained, the more likely it … Read More