Tyler Motte Moved by Canucks at Deadline, Headed to NYR

By: Brayden Fengler / March 21, 2022  

Fan favourite Canucks forward Tyler Motte has been moved to the New York Rangers, in a deal coming in just before the buzzer of the trade deadline this afternoon.

James Duthie on TSN TradeCentre, reported just 10 minutes before the deadline that there was still a chance that Motte gets moved to the Rangers, and that report was indeed confirmed less than 10 minutes later by their sources.

Coming back the Canucks way in the deal is reportedly a 2023 4th round pick. A seemingly light return for a player that means so much to this market on and off the ice.

However, Motte’s expected price tag this offseason, compared to the tangible contribution that he’s been making on the ice, did not seem to line up with how the Canuck’s envisioned their future. This was reiterated by Farhan Lalji earlier this morning on TradeCentre.

Motte’s expiring deal currently has a cap hit of $1,225,000, and at that cost in 49 games played for the Canucks this season he has grinded for seven goals, and eight assists for a total of 15 points on the year. Motte’s value is more intangible than many of his peers, a quality that former GM Jim Benning has been known to overpay for. However, as has been demonstrated by the first big deal of this new regime, they are clearly not in the same business as the former Canucks GM.

Motte’s demeanor off and on the ice has made him a fan favourite in Vancouver since joining the deal in 2017-18. A shining example of Motte’s fanfare perhaps most notably was his appearance on an episode of The Broadscast in 2020. Appearing on the local Canucks podcast, and perhaps unintentionally showcasing his extremely contagious and genuine personality.

Motte will now serve as a great adition to his new team out east, and the Canucks turn a UFA that may have walked come July 1st, into at least something. While the blocks were hardly busted this trade deadline, at least this move by the Canucks was a step forward, and not an overpayment, or a step back.

Just like my Motte Girl Summer tank top will always have a place in my closet, Tyler Motte himself will always have a place in all Canucks fan’s hearts.