Aside From Pettersson, Which Other Canucks Need to Step It Up?

Brayden Fengler / December 2, 2021
We all know that this year Elias Pettersson has stumbled, not just out of the gate, but around the first bend as well. However, this is not the NBA where one player can win a game, if it was, then the Capitals and Oilers would have at least 10 more Stanley Cups to their names right now. With that said, it’s also no secret that your best players need to...


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Höglander Is The Best Thing About The Canucks (Again)

Brayden Fengler / November 27, 2021
Nils Höglander was of course the talk of the town last season, but coming into this season it was looking like the Canucks would have a new rookie take centre stage in Vasily Podkolzin. Although Podkolzin has stolen some of the spotlight, especially now with his game looking improved from where it was in October, Podz hasn’t quite captivated the Vancouver audience like Höglander did last season. What has really...

Now Is Not the Time To Trade Any Canucks Players

Trent Leith / November 25, 2021
When a team that’s “all in” like the Vancouver Canucks comes out of the gate as flat as they have, the rumour mill starts swirling and fans start calling for heads.  The Canucks’ management and ownership has so far decided the best way to handle the increased heat over the last few weeks is with patients. In a time where fans are chanting in the arena for the GM to...

An Open Letter to Francesco Aquilini

Trent Leith / November 20, 2021
Dear Mr. Aquilini, I am writing to you, not to throw stones or call names, but to beg you to make some much needed changes to the Vancouver Canucks. As you know, maybe better than anyone, Vancouver is an incredible hockey market with some of the most passionate fans the sport has to offer and unfortunately, they have been broken.  We all saw the passion in 2011 during the run...

The Biggest Problems Facing the Canucks

Brayden Fengler / November 18, 2021
Wow, have things ever heated up over these last few weeks. Even if I was approached with a predictive almanac, Back to the Future style, I still never would’ve bet that this Canucks team would get off to such a horrendous start. It seems like the same talking points have been reverberating around the airwaves for the past few weeks, about key players not living up to their potential, about...

The 2021 Canucks – How Do You Even Fix This?

Brayden Fengler / November 13, 2021
This article wasn’t supposed to be like this. I had planned to sit down with a beer in hand on Thursday evening and watch in awe and amazement as Jack Rathbone returned to the lineup. Then with hope in my heart, I was going to pen a beautiful love letter to the Canucks fanbase, recounting all of the joys and wonderful things I had witnessed during that game. However this...

Canucks Player Power Rankings

Trent Leith / November 9, 2021
The Vancouver Canucks are 12 games into the 2021-22 season and have begun with a sluggish 5-6-1 start for only 11 points. While the team is not performing to their highest potential as a whole, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few diamonds in the rough. This is’s first-ever player power rankings. 5th Place – Höglander Nils Höglander almost didn’t make my top-five simply because of his lack of...

Demko Shines on Basement Canucks

Brayden Fengler / November 6, 2021
Thatcher Demko has been near lights out for the Canucks so far this season. Up until the game against the New York Rangers where he had his amazing gloveless sequence, It may not have donned on this fan base, as to how good Demko really has been. Demko is now in the first full year since signing his new five year $5M AAV deal last season, and so far he...

Hamonic Should Have Spent More Time in Abbotsford

Trent Leith / November 4, 2021
After missing all of pre-season, training camp and the first nine games of the regular season, Travis Hamonic made his debut for the Vancouver Canucks. Travis Hamonic was away from the team due to a mysterious personal issue that seems vaccine related, but both him and the team will not comment, citing his and his family’s privacy. His debut comes after a brief one game training stint with the Abbotsford...

Something Needs To Give – How to Fix the Power Play

Trent Leith / October 30, 2021
At what point do we stop saying “I know it’s early but….” when it comes to criticizing players and the Vancouver Canucks as a whole? At this moment the Canucks are roughly 10% of the way through the season and many aspects that this team usually relies on are not rounding into form quickly enough.  Elias Pettersson is not his regular self, JT Miller is putting up points, but seems...